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GKSA Acts of the Synods / Handelinge van die Sinodes

All Acts of the Synods are available in full text on this database.
The Acts of 1862-1997 are also indexed with Afrikaans subject terms.
The other Acts (from 1998) are available in full text but not indexed with subject terms. (Search in the PDF's for specific terms.)

Search Tips

Use Afrikaans words when searching in the subject field (applicable for 1862-1997).
Cannot find what you're looking for? Use the Index.


  • Use a space between words, e.g. nasionale sinode
  • Use * to find variations of a word e.g. kerk* will find kerk as well as kerke.
  • Use : to set a date range e.g. 1950:1980 will find all applicable results from 1950-1980.

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