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IRSA - Interpreting Research in South Africa

IRSA (Interpreting Research in South Africa) is a collection of interpreting-related publications which were published in South Africa or by South African interpreting scholars from 1968 to date. It was created to offer interpreting scholars and students a platform to easily search and find information on South African interpreting research.

Although great care is taken to include as many items as possible, the database may not be complete and items are added to it as I become aware of them.

If there is an item that should be added to the collection, please send an email to herculene.kotze@nwu.ac.za with complete details of the publication - use the fields listed in the database to guide you.

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  • Use a space between words (multilingual teaching)
  • Use * to find variations of a word (interpret* will find interpret, interpreter and interpreting)
  • Use to find a date range e.g. 1950:1980

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